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(Elizabeth O. Shooter, 1997)

22" M Re NOC Fr Dor. (SOMEONE SPECIAL X CELINA). # BW. 5 ½’ - 2 ¾" - 1 ¾".

Quite a bloomer is BILL WATSON, blooming at least three times per season in North Carolina. Extravagant ruffles and a deep rose shading along the edges of this medium rose lavender bloom make this a most desirable cultivar. Named for Bill Watson of Pinehurst, who has edited the Region 15 newsletter so well. The velvety blooms have a triangular chartreuse and light green throat, a slight rose halo above the throat, and a thread edge of yellow-cream. Heavy substance. Rounded form with tips recurving. Finger ruffles. Very showy. Three-way branching, 20-24 buds.