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(Shooter, 1997)

26" M Re Fr Dor. (Yancey seedling R-93-85 X Dove seedling 5-13). #RMO. 7" - 3" - 2 1/8".

A magnificent bloom reminiscent of crushed velvet in a luscious red grape color. Named for Faye’s father, this is a superb cultivar. It has everything anyone could want—size, form, color, buds, substance, texture. Its base color is a regal red purple with deep black purple center around a round green-chartreuse over white throat. The white undertone intensifies the beauty of both the throat and the base color of the flower. Greenish-white darts from the throat add a finished touch. Form is round. Heavy substance. Velvety texture. Ruffled segments. Three-way branching, 24-28 buds. A definite advance in purple diploids.