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(E. Shooter, 1998)

26" MRe Dor. #92-9005-1. 4 1/4"-2 3/8"-1 1/2".

Every so often a daylily is born that is destined for stardom. This small beauty cannot help but be a stunning success. The colors are captivating. Petals are cream tinged lavender and pink. Sepals are light pink, creating a reverse bitone. Midribs are lavender-pink. Blooms are centered by a spectacular triple eyezone. The outer edge is etched in bright magenta, followed by a lavender-blue washed zone, and finally by a navy blue over yellow zone. Throat is a luscious blend of lemon, chartreuse and green. Velvety, diamond dusted, heavy substance, four- way branching, 20- 24 buds.