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(Elizabeth O. Shooter, 2001)

17 M Fr Diploid Dor. #92-BOP. 5 - 2 1/2 - 1 3/8.

It is an eye or an edge? Grow it and find out. This most unusual flower is cream with a light lavender overlay and infusion and magenta veins. The center of the petals from tips to the purple eye zone are light magenta purple. Throat is dusty lavender with a green center. A hairline of cream accents petals and sepals. Sepals of this bitone are cream/lavender - same color as outer 1" of petals. Triangular form, sepals recurve, petal tips recurve. Edges are ruffled, serrated, slightly fringed. Velvety texture, heavy substance, very diamond dusted. Two-way branching, 12-15 buds. Is this really an alley cat or a thoroughbred?