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(Elizabeth O. Shooter, 2001)

22 M Re Diploid SEv. #BWT. [LUVERNE X BILL WATSON]. 6 - 2 3/4 - 1 3/4.

Déjà vu? Yes, another lovely rose pink named for BILL WATSON. This beauty is a seedling from the original BILL WATSON. It too has excellent form and color. BILL WATSON TOO is a bright satiny lavender-rose-pink with pale lavender pink midribs, a triangular light chartreuse throat and a pale cream yellow edge on the sepals. Slight penciled lavender halo above throat. Form is flat and triangular. Overlapped. Petals have light fringing in gold and peach. Wide ruffles, folds, crimping, scalloping, and gathering. Sepals are lightly ruffled. Deep rose veins. Very velvety texture; very heavy substance. Three-way branching, 12-15 buds. If you liked BILL WATSON, you will not want to be without BILL WATSON TOO.