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(Shooter, 2001)

28 M Re Noc Ext VFr Diploid Dor. #92-567. [SUPER VALENTINE X CHRISTIE SMITH]. 6 - 3 - 2.

You want ruffles? You want form? Look no further. CATHERINE W. JONES is a super wide, rounded triangular bloom with ruffles that wow. Blooms are very overlapped with sepals recurving. Edges are not only very ruffled, but waved, crimped and scalloped. Color is cream with pale pink midribs and a 2 1/2" pale green and chartreuse center which veins out into the segments. A bright yellow edge highlights the ruffles. Very diamond dusted. Very velvety texture; excellent substance. Two-way branching, 12-15 buds. A must.