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(Faye O. Shooter, 2001)

34 M Re Tetraploid SEv. #94 Edge Ahead-2. [EDGE AHEAD X SEEDLING]. 5 1/2 - 2 1/2 - 1 1/2.

Do you remember Mama's favorite desert? Who could forget. You won't forget MAMA'S BLUEBERRY PIE either. This edged and eyed tetraploid will linger in your mind like good old blueberry pie lingers on your palate. Blooms are palest cream tinted yellow and light peach. The large eye (1 1/4") is bright medium purple as are the 1/8" picotee edges. Petals tips have bright yellow bubbly edging along with the purple. Throat is light lemon shading to green. Form is very flat, overlapped, full and rounded triangular. Blooms face outward. Sepals recurve. Ruffled, waved, crimped, and bubbled. Velvety. Excellent substance. Four-way branching, 22-28 buds. This one would win a prize at any state fair.