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(Shooter, 2001)

22 ML Re Tetraploid SEv. #95 yellow real ruff. [MAJESTIC MOVE X SOLAR MUSIC]. 7 - 3 1/2 - 2 1/4.

Ruffles here, ruffles there, ruffles everywhere. If ruffles appeal to you, MISTER HOMER is a must. This extra large vivid sunshine yellow is simply adorned in ruffles-gathered ruffles, finger ruffles, fold-over ruffles. Even sepals are very ruffled. Form is flat and triangular with all segments flaring. Petals pinch and tuck slightly. Light green center streaks out onto petals. Very velvety texture; heavy substance; ribbed look. Excellent three-way branching on low scapes with 17-22 buds.