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(Elizabeth O. Shooter, 2001)

26 M Re Noc VFr Diploid Dor. #92-4832. [MABEL NOLEN X PINK FLIRT]. 6 - 2 3/4 - 1 3/4.

Elizabeth welcomes the new millennium with a superb flat medium pink beauty. Blooms have rose veins, pale pink midribs, and a slight lavender shading. Large center (3") of white and light yellow. Hairline edges of light yellow cream on petals and tips of sepals. Form is rounded triangular with tips recurving. Very ruffled, 1/2" crimped, gathered ruffles on petals and sepals. Excellent substance. Velvety, satiny texture. Very diamond dusted. Four-way branching, 25-30 buds. PINK MILLENIUM has everything - form, color, ruffles, buds.