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(Shooter, 2001)

22 M Re Noc Fr Diploid SEv. #92FFW. [FERRONE x SEEDLING) X FROSTED WINDOWS]. 5 1/2 - 2 1/2 - 1 1/2.

As beautiful as a lilting melody is this light, light orchid bitone. Flowers appear white at a distance, especially in afternoon but actually are a cream and orchid blend with cream midribs. Sepals are cream and silver with orchid edges. Center has a slight etched deeper orchid halo above chartreuse, lemon, and light green. Deep orchid veins. Form is triangular and flat with sepals recuving - looks like butterflies hovering. Ruffled, crimped and waved petals and sepals. Very velvety texture; spongy, excellent substance. Very diamond dusted. Four-way branching, 24-28 buds. Excellent for pale color, substance, and form.