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(Shooter, 2001)

28 M Re Fr Tetraploid SEv. #94 People Eater. [PEOPLE EATER X SEEDLING]. 6 - 3 - 2.

A natural color for romance is this medium rose with lavender shading tetraploid. Large center (2 1/2") of pastel lemon and bright apple green. Light rose red veins, rose red stamen, wide rose-lavender midribs. Bubbly gold edge on outer third of petals; rest of petals outlined in light gold. Sepals have hairline edge of cream gold. Very heavy substance. Ribbed. Satiny texture. Extremely ruffled, scalloped, and gathered. Ruffles appear to be layered. Form is semi-flat, rounded, biscuit-shaped, overlapped. Sepals flare. Petals are short, wide, and rounded. Three-way branching, 18-22 buds. Excellent for form, ruffles, edging.