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(Allgood, 2002)

33 M Re SE. # 95-7064 [BARRACUDA BAY X Seedling]. 5-3-2. Tetraploid.

Look for the shining light in the darkness and you will find this marvelous daylily. It is deep royal purple with black shading in its ruffles, a faint lavender watermark and a small light lemon and light green center. But just when you have admired the lovely dark color, you see the light-sparkling knobs and hooks of light glittering gold. Is this gilding the lily? Form is rounded, full, overlapped and recurved. Sepals twist slightly. Very ruffled with gathered and finger ruffles. Sepals are also ruffled. Purple stamen. Velvety texture, excellent substance. Four-way branching, 20-25 buds.