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(John Shooter, 2002)

23 M Re Fr SE. #92-GP. 5 1/2 - 2 7/8 - 1 1/4. Tetraploid

Weird like The Munsters or just startling? You decide. If you want edging, then this daylily is a MUST! The double edge measures a full 1/2" and it is all you see. The light peach blooms have a 3/4" wedge eye of brushed magenta, a bright lemon center, and lavender midribs. But it's the 1/4" magenta edge and the 3/32" outer edge of bright lemon that really draw your eye. Sepals have a hairline edge of lemon. Form is full triangular, overlapped and rounded. Velvety, smooth texture, heavy substance. Very diamond dusted. Edges glitter in sun. Ruffled, fringed, bubbled. Tritone color effect is startling. Three-way branching with 15-20 buds.