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(John Shooter, 2002)

22 EM Re Noc Fr SE. #94-MD [TET MARIETTA PIZAZZ X UNTAMED GLORY]. 5 1/2 - 3 - 2. Tetraploid.

If you have ever watched the sun rise in the early morning, you can picture the shades of pink, lavender, rose, cream and lemon that make up MARIETTA DAYBREAK. Blooms are basically a light dusty lavender rose with a 3" center of bright lemon and butter cream and an olive green heart. Raised lavender pink midribs. Sepals have yellow-gold edges while inner half of petals have a 1/2" edge of amber cream changing to a bubbly gold edge on outer half. Very sparkling, diamond dusted. Very ruffled (3/4") into throat. Gathered, waved, and fringed. Very velvety texture, very smooth; very heavy texture. Form is flat, overlapped, rounded triangular. Sepals recurve strongly, petals arch up. Distinctive and desirable. Three-way branching with 14-18 buds.