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(John Shooter, 2002)

M Re Fr SE. #95-1070 [Seedling X LADY ARABELLA]. 6 1/2 - 3 - 2 1/4. Tetraploid.

This is a bright pink that glows in the garden. Color is a very clear blend of rose, red and pink creating a very striking color. Sepals are a shade lighter with yellow edges. Blooms have a light pink over yellow watermark and a small yellow and green center. A hairline edge of light yellow border, petals and sepals. Light pink midribs and rose pink veins. Form is flat, rounded, full, overlapped. Wide, gathered 1/2" ruffles. Crimped, lightly fringed, and serrated. Sepals are very ruffles too. Very velvety texture, heavy substance. Red dust diamond dusting. A radiating beauty. Very stylish. Three-way branching with 15-19 buds.