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(Faye O. Shooter, 2002)

34 M Re Fr Dor. # 95-0631 [Seedling X EDGE AHEAD]. 5 1/2 - 2 3/4 - 1 5/8. Tetraploid.

How many edges are enough? This beauty has a double edge of magenta and pale blue, making a most alluring bloom. Base color is light, light peach with a 3/4" light magenta purple eye. Throat is pale apricot with a tiny green heart. Midribs are light lavender pink. But it's the edging that makes this flower so captivating. Very triangular form with overlapping segments. Sepals roll back. Very diamond dusted. Very ruffled, waved, and lightly serrated. Velvety, very smooth texture; excellent substance. Four-way branching with 15-18 buds.