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(Faye O. Shooter, 2002)

M-ML Re Fr SE. #95-0653 [Seedling X LAST FLIGHT OUT]. 7 1/2 - 2 3/4 - 1 3/4. Tetraploid.

Poetry in motion described these 7 1/2" blooms of pale pink with a 3/4" blue lavender eye and a 2" center of cream, light yellow and chartreuse. Blooms are flat, very triangular with sepals flaring and pinching slightly, and two petals which arch and tuck. Edges are light magenta half-way from throat to tips changing to light lemon. Sepals are edged lavender pink and then light yellow. Very velvety, very smooth texture; excellent substance. Flowers just sparkle. Three-way branching, 21-24 buds.