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(John Shooter, 2002)

27 EM Re Noc Fr SE. #94 Maestro Puccini [Seedling X MAESTRO PUCCINI]. 7-3-2. Tetraploid.

These extremely large and wide medium rose purple blooms often upstage their neighbors. The color carries well in the garden especially next to creams and near whites. The rose purple blooms have magenta veins, raised lavender-purple midribs, a 2" green tined lemon center, and a light gold fringed edge. Ruffled, crimped, fringed. Form is full, flat, wide triangular with petals flaring and sepals recurring. Very smooth texture, heavy substance. Creped look. Holds very well in sun for a deep color. Three-way branching, 12-16 buds.