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(Faye O. Shooter, 2003)

34" MLa Reb Ext Noc Sev #95-7031. 5 ½" - 2 ½" - 1 ½". Tetraploid.

Drums and beating and my heart is fluttering. The intoxicating fragrance of this dusty rose and claret bi-tone will remind you of the island tropics. The intricate three-colored etched eye of purple, rose, and light lavender is separated by darker vines. White mid ribs dart out from the throat that is a deep green progressing to yellow. The mass of color hints of blue and is a reminder of the water surrounding the islands. Waved, crimped, lightly ruffled. Form is triangular with all segment tips recurving. Six-way branching, 32 buds.