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(Faye Shooter, 2004).

27" M Reb Sev. #97-T489 (Circle of Friends X Fooled Me). 5 ¼" - 2 ¼" - 1 3/4". Tetraploid.

Stand back! You may be shockedor even splashed. This exciting flower is just waiting to grab your attention. Could it be the electric orange marmalade base color or will be the splashed, washed grape eye and braided edging that captivates you? The peach midribs spread out to orange-gold. Intricate eye zone is etched with spots and streaks and the edges are wide and bold. Triangular orange-gold center with deep green heart. Heavy substance and velvety texture. Heavily diamond dusted. Fringed and ruffled. Form is triangular, full, overlapped and slightly recurved. Three-way branching, 21 buds. Another super cultivar from Fooled Me breeding. $100.00