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(John Shooter, 2004).

28" M Reb Frag Sev. #97-T486 (Marietta Momento X Lillie Johnson). 5" - 3" - 1 ¾". Diploid.

This soft light silvery lavender pink represents another hybridizing breakthrough-this time through Marietta Momento. Marietta Momento brings fullness, ruffling, and good plant habits to whatever it is bred with and adds new colors and forms. Note the fullness, extreme width and extraordinary ruffling of I Believe In You. A green heart extends to a gentle green-yellow- white center. Sculptured petals, heavy substance, darker veins, and diamond dusted. Finger ruffles, feathered edges, scalloped and waved. Silvery bubbled edges. Form is full, overlapped, round, and slightly recurved. Three-way branching, 12 buds. $35.00