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(John Shooter, 2004).

31" M Reb Frag Sev. (Helen Shooter X Marietta Momento). 7" - 4" - 2". Diploid.

So wide-just measure the 4" petals! But John did not really mind since he personally selected this wonderful light pinked melon cream self with bubbly yellow gold edges. Its green heart extends into a yellow throat topped with a blush of pink. Blush-pink midribs. Diamond dusted. Strong scapes with a large flowers. Superb ruffling with finger ruffles, scalloping, folding, and waving. Excellent substance; slightly ribbed texture. Form is very full, rounded triangular, recurved, wide, and overlapped. Four-way branching, 16 buds. Outstanding for form, width, size, and ruffling. $100.00