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(Elizabeth O. Shooter, 2004)

52" M Reb Noc Ext Sev. #STD98 (Stack the Deck X Seedling). 9"- 2 ¼" - 1 ¼". Diploid.

Cards anyone? Elizabeth's variant/unusual form program has produced another extra large stunning unusual cultivar in Shuffle The Deck. This is a dark royal red purple with a lavender-cream edge that sets off the deep color. Starburst throat is green, chartreuse, and white, bleeding into white midribs that go part way out the segments. But the form is what's so attractive. Petals pinch and tuck. Sepals curl, wave, twirl. Blooms look like giant pinwheels twirling in the breeze. Velvety texture, heavy substance. Holds exceptionally well for a dark color in the sun. Light ruffling. Branched like a tree. Five-way branching, 32 buds. $100.00