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(John Shooter, 2005)

32” M Reb Frag Noc Ext Sev. #99-T108 (Grandpa Munster x Tet. Siloam Ralph Henry). 6 1/2” - 3 1/4” - 2 1/4”. Tetraploid.

An extremely important flower for tetrapoids, Jelly Make will stand with time. What’s so amazing about this flower is the very flat huge petals and sepals that set it apart from other flowers. The creamy-peach has an olive green throat extending to chartreuse. The triangular eyezone is raspberry- violet with a triple inch edge consisting of raspberry- violet, cream, and florescent gold. The ?ower sparkles as sprinkled with fairy-dust. Shimmering whitish midrib, fragrant. Seven-way branching, 44 Buds.