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A DAY OF REST  (Faye O. Shooter,  2008).   26” M Reb Noc Ext Frag Sev.  Tetraploid.  #99-254.  8” – 2 3/8” – 2”.  Looking for a big, bright pink?  Then look no further.  This 8” raspberry pink will surely please. Sepals are a shade lighter and have a pencil edge of cream. White midribs and raspberry veining.  A green and chartreuse throat and a narrow light pink watermark complete this stunning showoff.  Very heavy substance.  Form is flaring and triangular with segments tips slightly tucking or recurving.  Waved, ruffled, and crimped.  Pod Fertile.  Three-way branching, 18 buds.                             Double Fan          $50.00