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BLUE PETUNIA LACE  (John Shooter, 2008).  28” M Reb Noc Dor.   #02-1115.  5 ½” – 3 ¼” – 2 1/8”.  Diploid.   A beautiful flower of intricate coloring and ruffling.  The large, round tri-tone center of green, light yellow-white, and pale pink compliments the intense ruffled edges of bright lemony yellow.  The rest of the flower is a blush orchid pink with light coral veins and raised light pink midribs.  Ruffling is bubbly, serrated, frilly, gathered, and wavy.  Edges occasionally disappears.  Form is very round, flat, full and overlapped. Sepals recurve.  Diamond dusted.  Pod Fertile. Four-way branching, 23 buds.     Very Limited!         Single Fan        $100.00