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FOOLISH DREAMS  (Faye O. Shooter, 2008).  32” M Reb Noc Ext Frag Sev.  #01-5483 (Bordeaux Beauty  X J T Davis).  6 ¾” – 3” – 2”. Tetraploid.  It’s love at first sight when you see this midnight burgundy beauty.  The burgundy is enhanced by a black sheen.  A creamy raspberry watermark above a center of  yellow-gold, yellow and green accents the flowers.  Black red veining and a pencil edge of sparkling golden cream complete this lovely picture.  Excellent ruffling which is gathered, fingered, and scalloped.  Form is full, triangular, and overlapped with sepals recurving and petals tucking and recurving slightly.  Four-way branching, 22 buds.           Double Fan            $100.00