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PLUM DELICIOUS  (Faye O. Shooter, 2008).  29” M Reb Frag Noc Ext Dor.  #01-7031.  5 ½” – 3” – 2”.  Diploid.  This marvelous blending of colors in the purple, grape, plum, lavender and rose family makes your mouth water.  Its smoky rose purple petals are complimented with a double triangular eyezone of shimmering lavender purple outlined in wine.  Green heart extends to chartreuse at eyezone.  White darts emphasize the flower’s center.  Sepals are darker rose purple with wide light lavender-purple edges.  Scalloped, waves, and lightly ruffled.  Form is full and recurved. Pod Fertile.    Five-way branching, 29 buds.          Double Fan         $35.00