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TRIPLE TICKLE  (Elizabeth O. Shooter, 2008).  37” L Reb Noc Ext Dor.    #02-9340.  6” – 1 ¾” – 1”.    Diploid.  This late treat is a triple hit with its three distinct areas of color above a large triangular grass green center.  The flower’s base color is light lavender with magenta veining and shading along the center of the segments.  The banded area consists of three triangles—the outer triangle is rich magenta; the second triangle is lavender; and the inner triangle is lavender-purple over yellow.  Sepals are light tan and lavender edges in magenta making this a bi-tone.  Lightly ruffled.  Form is open triangular with sepal tips recurving.  Six-way branching, 23 buds.         Double Fan                        $50.00