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Coco’s Bliss  (Elizabeth O. Shooter,  2012).   44" M Reb Noc Ext Sev. 05-DS721. (Stargate Portal x Shuffle the Deck). 8" - 1 3/4" - 1". Diploid. Trying to describe this flower was challenging not due to its beauty, but instead for Coco our cat. The smell and form of the flower was so intoxicating to her that she kept trying to eat the petals before I could finish the description. The green throat becomes chartreuse and bursts into the frosty purple eye zone overlaid with sliver edging. The sepals and tips of the petals are a deeper shade of purple. The deep veining is more prominent through the eyezone, yet it extends to the tip of the flower. Diamond dusting and delicate ruffles. Form is open with slightly pinched petals and recurved sepals. Five-way branching, 30 buds.    $0