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There Is A Heaven  (John Shooter,  2015).   28" M Reb Noc Ext Dor. # Better Than The Best. 7 " - 3 " - 3". Diploid. THERE IS A HEAVEN has every quality that is desired in producing a great daylily. This flower is our best breeder for heavy substance and width of sepals and petals. The sepals are the widest produced so far in our Diploid program. Huge flat form with pie crust ruffling with the finest cut lace edging. A deep neon green throat spills over this soft polychrome of pink, tangerine with rose midribs. The deep heavy rose lavender midrib highlights this flower making it glow. With heavy deep veining it almost appears to have been carved with a knife. A constant reblooming show stopper that never fails to please. This is the BEST OF THE BEST. Very Fragrant. Very Pod Fertile and pollen fertile. Five-way branching, 18 buds. 150.00 Single Fan VERY LIMITED    $150